As of today only 39% of Americans are dumb (Bush Approval Rating)

I went to a potluck at the local Mennonite church Thursday evening. Cindy Sheehan’s Bring Them Home Now tour was in Columbus and my friends and I thought it would be a good idea to show some support for the cause. First of all, the church folks were cool as hell and they know how to throw down some good food. I guess I was not sure what to expect, I went with an open mind but still assuming it would be a whole bang up of move-on peeps and some tables and of course some freaky Mennonites telling me bout Jesus. I was surprised, which is always freaking nice, that it was a completely beautiful experience. It was in essence, a bunch of diverse people sharing food and stories. It was a place where the energy was thick with good juju and you felt like you could exhale. It was a place that held a tremendous amount of hope mingled with a quiet sadness. As I held Finn on my lap after dinner and listened to the stories of the families from the tour I was struck by one of those defining moments. I had a realization that someday Finn will be a man and practice his free will and things will change and all of this will happen faster than I can even believe sitting on a Mennonite pew. I pray that my son has a long life. I pray that war escapes him. I pray for these families that they may find peace within this tour. They are seeking and I hope they find. There have been many viewpoints to this tour and Cindy Sheehan in general- I have heard “propaganda”, “anti-bush”, “anti soldier” and a whole bunch of other shit coming from right wings, but I can’t help but think that this is what is needed. People need to belong and they need to have a platform. This is an agenda, a necessary agenda that needs to continue. What is we all were focused and driven enough to really spread our truths, our messages-even if it hurt? What if?