Run Jenny Run

Jen is running the NYC marathon in a couple weeks. I made her some good luck panties. Unfortunately I am taking my sewing class in November. But, I did stitch it with love. I am so proud of this gal. I don't run. It is a particular type of hell for me, much like mathematics. But, for her it is golden time. She can run 26 miles. Amazing. Today I tried to be healthy and push the stroller rather quickly the Starbucks that is located 30 yards from my front door. I was done. Run Jenny Run.

Actual downloads from Starbucks 2 free itunes card today:
Eddie Money " I wanna go back" Yeah. I know. My head hangs in shame.
The Cure "boys don't cry" Yeah. I liked it better in 1989.
I'm sure everyone has some lil secrets on their ipod. Shit they don't unleash at the party. I am helpless for memory music.

One more thing. At a board meeting I attended tonight I learned something so freaking cool about this woman. She has a kick ass last name. Gratitude.
Love it. Well, back story is that her and her husband chose a new name together when they married. He dropped his. She dropped hers. They chose one together that symbolized their lives. That is ace. She is really living her one small life. I love a risk.