dust settles

I had woman time today and it feels so good. I am estrogen charged from three hour coffee talks with my two friends. Starbucks and noise and chatting like hens. I need to take more time like that- to just sit back in comfy couches and listen to the women. I found out that a friend I care for much will soon move far away and the old me would have been suspicious of that step for her, but the me now is happy and content to see her happy. My other pal is on the verge of motherhood and I could about choke with anticipation for her and her partner. I loved watching their animated faces pour out stories and talk about the NOW of life. What is happening all around is alive and full of good. We were talking about how it is so important to really feel that happiness for others, about how some people don't or won't...and I think it stifles yr own life not to be able to truly relish in others delights. I think I am starting to finally stop judging others and myself and live this life and feel this life and understand this life. I think it is true that the 30's are for realization of self and if you can let it happen...you will like what you discover. More than you thought. Aren't ya happy for me?