About to have a closer relationship with the postman

I have a multitude of holiday stuff to get rolling on. I am supposed to have UK gifts for Joe's family out in the mail next week and begin my handmade holiday craft extravaganza today. I am making a bunch of cool BEND THE RULES projects for folks and also creating my own version of the slingshot planner for some chicks I love. I have at least 14 parcels to mail in the next 4 weeks. I love the holidays, but they are starting to roll faster and faster and Finn wants a Father Christmas world in his room and twinkling lights and other such monstrosities. We also have to decide on who is getting angel kissed this year (We play a lil secret cheer up Santa on Christmas eve to someone we think needs it...) and decide on what the boys are getting for the holidays. I have lofty goals of a gingerbread house. But first I must go buy some beer and control myself from writhing on the floor in pleasure about tonight's Project Runway premiere.

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