a box full of the future

Finnian was gifted with an antique box of child sized tools by our friend Joe Shepard. Joe is my Joe's business partner and Finn refers to him as either "old Joe" or "handsome Joe" as those are the nicknames we call him. (I call him the latter.) Joe was at an auction and found these for Finn and the boy could not be prouder. Finn says that he can now be like dad and fix and build and make. This is true. Under the wise master carpenter that is his dad, he can soon start his apprenticeship. I think it is cool that Joe will pass on his talents to our kids and arm them, for at the very least, the ability to fix shit around their own homes someday- But, if he wanted to become a carpenter and not the haute couture designer, plastic surgeon, or rocket scientist I hope for him it would really be OK. I love that my husband loves what he does and that his work sustains us and fulfills his passions. I love that all over this city there are buildings and houses that were touched by the art of Joe. I think in this life we ought to find what it is that we love to do and do it all the way. I heart my carpenter and I thank you handsome Joe for the box of possibility for young Finn