Teach the world to sing in perfect harmony

I am about to take the boys to the doctor. It is the 9 month appointment for the wee one and they both need flu shots (or jabs as dad says- freaky Brit)
Jabs suck for Finn.
He starts flirting with anxiety the night before he knows we are due to go the the doctor-like last night when he briefed me on the evils of a needle and how buzz light year has enough power to resist the flu and snow. Apparently the snow is the source of flu? So, he tells me how he will be fine without one and I just shake my head and then it comes out of my mouth like it always does
"We will have Coke afterwards"

My children eat very well and do not have soda. They do not have processed foods. They are Stonyfield farm poster children and love veggies. Yet, sometimes I cave and let Finn have a coke when we get shots or something traumatic like that. When Finn was very small and asked for soda- we told him it was cow pee and he stayed away, but then one time he snagged my can and tasted the liquid crack and ever since it is more precious than candy. He has had about 4 cokes in his life and he can wax poetic on each frozen moment in time. He might grow up to be like me. A beverage whore. I will try and work on this.

Today I will bring a red can of the cold stuff and when we walk out to the parking lot to leave, when the tears are flowing and we all feel bad, I will crack the can and we will chug Coke together. The sun will be shining and it will be like a coke commercial from the 70's. I know it's wrong, but I can't wait.