I just keep looking at the prize list

NABLOPOMO is getting harder each day. I keep focusing on the chance of winning a prize from the divine prize list...So, I was tagged by the sublime susiej for a meme on "7 weird random things" about myself. I am all weird so this should not be hard.

1.I do not share milk based products with anyone.

2. I didn't really watch TV until I was 25 years old and now I am a tivo whore with a sick predilection for reality shows.

3. I lived on a Greek island once and made money by guarding the gate of a very exclusive hotel by night and cashing currency by day-often screwing up with my math disability.

4.My most lucrative job in college was that of a singing telegram/flower & balloon delivery girl at Milo's balloons. I would dress as either a giant chicken or gorilla and bring joy to kids, convalescents, and rowdy men in bars.

5. My life goal is to have an essay read on NPR.

6. I have an extensive collection of photographs of myself with country and western singers and legends as my parents made me go to "Fan Fair" in Nashville in the 80's and I laugh at the chubby girl smiling with Loretta Lynn, Conway Twitty, and a million others. I may post them someday for fun.

7. In the late 90's I once sold Levis in British pubs for extra money, including the ones off my bum.

There, I now tag Kate, Regan, lucyknows, and Fluidpudding.