I thought about writing something really witty about the end of NABLOPOMO
that lasted about twelve seconds
I will just say
I actually loved posting everyday
It was good for me
I met some cool cats and discovered tons of cool blogs

Things running round my mind:

last night I attended a scrapbook party.
I know. I ain't got no alibi cept it was at my friend Kate's and she had pie.
I made some stuff.
Also today through the mail shoot came the Thomas the Tank engine replacements.
I eye them suspiciously. Are they really new ones? Does the lead still live there?
Also today I ran out of my favorite hand cream SKIN FOOD.(actually all purpose cream) It sits sad and crumpled and I must have more today. Weleda is my favorite skin care line ever and the diaper cream they make can morph yr child's bum from a scary place to perfection in nearly one use. Try it, you'll like it.