and i feel fine

We have been asking questions about the world and space and relativity as of late. I am actually enjoying the stimulation of grey matter. I have been forced to run to Google certain planets and even geographical locations. I love that Finn is starting to piece together the idea of a planet and the planet slices apart in his mind and forms countries and islands and small places like a town. He is far from mastery and sometimes says we live on The Capital Planet.(Buzz Light year) Yet, he is starting to find himself in this world, slowly realizing the vastness of this life and what it might mean to be one small boy. Today we got a 'Doctors Without Borders" map of the world poster in the mail and it was as if we had opened up a card containing a fountain of sugar. He said that he had been wishing for this. Wishing to hold the world. At what age do we all stop opening our mouths and speaking like poems?