Holly King and Oak King " A solstice duel"

So Finn is fond of all things pointy and sharp. He loves a stick, a sword, a light saber. He wants to fight and wrestle and dominate the universe. Dress up is his one true love. I love this about him as he is able (on most days) to separate the warrior from the pal. Yet I feel like I am constantly stifling his creativity and knights tale mindset he has acquired with requests to STOP IT!. I think if his brother were older and could do more than fall over on head that I would not mind the creative play. I found something to do this year to celebrate solstice that will involve a battle- a duel- a chance to use his small plastic sword and armor.
We are going to begin the family tradition of a backyard winter solstice duel between the holly king and the oak king. I love the story...
Anglo-Celtic mythology metaphorically portrays the cycle of seasons as a recurring conflict between the Holly King, who reigns during the half-year of waning sunlight, and his brother the Oak King, who reigns during the half-year of waxing sunlight. In their midwinter clash, the Holly King yields to the Oak King, even as the old sun dies so that the new sun can be reborn. As deep winter approaches, the Holly King withdraws into contemplation. Within his chalice, he nurtures the nascent new sun, and perhaps sees visions and dreams of the year to come.
Finn is so going to love this. I wanna be one of the kings. I wanna make the neighbors stare harder. I see crowns and robes and hot chocolate and photographs I will share.