Holidy Traditions 2007

Thanks to Meg over at www.montessoribyhand.blogspot.com for organizing this fabulous Holiday Swap. I think it amazing and I had to share my goodies that arrived safely in the mail from the other side of the country. Cindy from Lucyknows rocked it out this year by sending me a box full of love. Seriously, I want to be a part of her family. I have recipes, advent guides, activities, gift tags, baking cups, holiday paper fun, a new stocking, Holiday Cd's, and best of all a new piece of holiday art....I feel very blessed. I think the other wonderful thing is that Cindy and I will continue to visit each others blogs and learn and discover. She is an amazing woman and I am so thrilled her name came out of the hat for me.
Happy Christmas Cindy and thanks again Meg- Rock on.

In other news, Auntie Vicks came over to make a gingerbread house last night. The big boys left and we built one very complicated mess. Apparently we needed the carpenter. We used the roof as the walls and had to convince Finn that we were constructing an ancient British castle ruin. As we opened the candy bags he obliged. It was fun though. Who need a roof?