Indigo Girls - Columbus 10.21.06 - Watershed

I was at this concert- so close that I could see the halos bouncing off their heads- I am pretty sure that the terrible background singers were not us as I was quite pregnant and not consuming cheap beers.

Every five years or so I look back on my life and I have a good laugh
I've been a bit mardy the last couple days
I don't wanna face facts
my investment house is turning into simply an unsold house
and an additional mortgage
on the shoulders of one fine man
I should go back to work
I don't want to
I am here and it feels good
I think it is as it always is
really about me
I am finally
after all these years
writing that novel
and I don't wanna stop
tonight I drink wine and cry
and listen to the Indigo Girls and
find myself so very self absorbed
naughty mummy