"My Cool Quilt" Age 7

I almost tossed this little quilt- Last month we did the German Village Yard Sale at our rehab house and I found this rolled into a ball in an old box.

My friend bossed me about, telling me not to throw it in the sale. I grumbled and threw it inside the house. It smelled musty and was quite ugly. After the sale it sat in a cardboard box in my yard for three weeks. I finally took it inside and washed it three times and sat down and studied it. I started to recall the fabrics. I asked my gran about it and she said it sounded like one of the cool quilts she had made me from my old toddler clothes. Cool quilts were different because they had no lining- just a cotton backing. They were cool in bed- not too hot. I only liked cool quilts from '79-85 said Mary Frances.

I love that I have this- although, I question my families taste.

I wore dresses made from Mickey fabric? Shirts of 70's plaid?

Anyhoo- I will teach Finn about cool quilts tonight.