Ain't nothing gonna break my stride

Finn has a virus and feels "ever so sick".
We have been doing a lot of book reading, video watching, and couch play as he calls it. As I sat and surveyed the state of my home...

I thought about efficiency and making life easier.
I put together a little sicky box for portability around the house. It has been a good idea for two reasons.
1. It makes him feel special.
2. It keeps him out of the playroom and that means he is not germing up all of the baby toys and keeps me from running around up and down the stairs bringing him objects of desire.
Wondertime had a great little kitty activity
I included this and some other printables for Finn, some books, some art supplies, play dough, flashcards, sponges and watercolors, stamping kit, and a few other bits. It is cool and I will stash it under the stairs and refill it after the illness.
I know it is not some new idea, but I had not thought about it until yesterday and it really makes life easier- like when you travel with kids and take the time to create a travel kit. Like when you actually pack yr diaper bag and keep wipes in the car. Like how Target now sells sub par but necessary wine in small juice boxes. Anything to make it easier helps.