when my whole life is on the tip of my tongue

Finn has been hearing entirely too much complaining about finances and money in this house. We are moaning and moaning about two mortgages and the housing market and bullshit like that. Today I stopped and started 2008 in a more positive way. We made a 2008 helping bank and are going to save until November and give it to the children's home in our town. We are going to focus on something more uplifting. We are not poor...we are just burdened right now. If I can buy organic milk then I should shut up. Finn has his own banking system now that involves pilfering pockets , couches, and floors for coins that he stuffs with glee into his large bank in his room. He said today that he understands he will now divide his treasures. He says it is sad that some kids don't have anything. I agreed. We will start tonight as I plan on leaving coins all around the floor when the baby goes to bed. I found this site today that made me want to make lists for upcoming gift giving and crafting. I will take that list and the 10 others I have created this month and staple them to my forehead.