Show a little inspiration/Show a little spark

We recycled the Design Within Reach catalogue today.
It was "O" day and Owl starts with "O" and that is what we made. Funky owls~
I also got two patterns in the mail this week. I am sure it will take me until summer to make these things as I start to shake and breathe heavily whenever I approach my machine. I really need to take advantage of the free classes at the Stitching Post. I really need to put it in my head that all the crafty bitches around me once did not know how to sew- they learned!
I am going to attempt this cool winter activity today that Molly has on her site
as we are feeling the inside funks here too...
My mother comes for the weekend...She will be here in the morning to help me with party planning and a million other things and then after the birthday party for Mr. Chub she will nestle them both in her car and drive them down Rt. 33 for the first night at Gran and PaPa's house for Blaise. I am a bit sad to think of him away from me and Joe- but temporary freedom is on the tip of my tongue and it tastes so freaking good.