Little darling/It seems like years since it's been here

The acceptance has come. After the party today I realized that Blaise really is one year old. We had a great day with our friends and family...We had a simple party at our local community center. The kids played an old school potato relay and we ate too much sweet stuff and went swimming. I looked around the room and the little voice in my head said:
you are lucky
you are blessed
last night my baby woke right when I was about to sleep
I had been sad a bit yesterday
I had a few tears in the car about how he was one now
how he was a big boy and soon they would both grow up so fast

I know it is true
people tell me
in grocery stores
or in line at the bank
they say
I will blink one day and it will all be passed
that you will wonder where the time has gone
that these days are finite and exquisite

When we cried out for me I took him in my bed and stroked his face
and he cried softly for a few moments and snuggled in with his hands
touching my face
his little tiny breathe
was hot against my skin
I think he was trying to tell me
in his own little way

shh mommy
I am still small
I am still small