You've got to find a way/Say what you want to say/Breakout

Writing this novel is starting to stir the demons. I am thinking about that same small town in each of us as old Don Henley would say. Can I really use these stories from my past and mix em up and slap some new names and create this story? I can! I am just a bit freaked out at dwelling so long on places, people, memories that I have stuffed away in my mind
the history of my small town
the small town that suffocated me
But, it is all in my mind
cannot escape those
those decisions
those mistakes
those moments frozen
that made me this person perhaps
typing now
with wet hair and bad posture
they are in my mind
In my cortex, the beautiful layer of neurons that house sounds, smells, and images from there
In my frontal lobes, the most noble part of my brain- where it can all click and I can go back
hang suspended in clarity
really look at it

music has helped me go back lately
I am looking at the top 100 lists of 1984-1994...formative stuff
I have talked about music here before
about the power to transport
much like smells
and such
It is working
My God
I forgot about them.
Interestingly heart did not.