knowing you can always count on me/for sure

My friend Jeni is a gem. She sent me this little tip this week...

Excerpt from article about “getting the life you want”:

When your hard work starts paying off - say, you've been accepted to a graduate school program or you've written half the recipes for your cookbook - act like the expert you are by identifying yourself that way, which will help you take yourself seriously. When introducing yourself, get in the habit of saying, "I'm a writer" or "I'm a chef." Or get business cards printed up with your new info, as Colburn-Smith did. Don't be wishy-washy about it: Statements like "I'm trying to be an author" or "I'm sort of working on becoming a therapist" can mentally sabotage you, while treating yourself like a complete success reminds you that you will be one!
Love, Me

I love that she believes in me. She and many others have been so supportive since I told them I was really writing a novel this year. I think it makes more sense to them now, why I left my career. I am truly excited about being home with my children and these have been some of the most rewarding months of my motherhood...but... I need something for me. And this something is big and scary and it feels good to get email love like that.

Now for the cool thing I found over the holidays...have you seen MOO MINI CARDS?

They are rad! They are just the affirmation I need. Mine might read:

Amy Turn Sharp


Mum to Finn and Blaise

Creative Roaring Woman

Wanna write/play/drink wine?

What would yrs say? Could we trade em? have a great day :)