You’re so pretty the way you are

I have not bought my children clothing all year.
It rocks. I love handmedowns.
I have not bought clothing for myself all year with exception of a couple T's at Target and that cute dress from Nordies that I ended up not even wearing.

I miss shopping so much, but being on a budget does not allow for it just right now.
Joe and I both need new undies though. How does it come to the place where the only decent knickers you have are those uber silly-fancy-pants-get-lucky knickers that you really do not want to wear to a meeting or preschool drop off? I swear. And my bras? Oh mercy. I promise you that I have taken to wearing a particular black bra that is yes, an old nursing bra bc it is much nicer than my daily bras. It is wretched. So we will go get some new undergarments this week and it will feel so liberating to shop!

I pretend shop all the time on my computer. Just this morning at some ungodly hour I was checking out a new blog I like and found these gorgeous dresses. Those who knew me in the day can attest that I would have rocked these frocks. I will never be small, but I do have pretty decent legs when at reasonable weight. I was a school jumper when a jumper wasn't cool. I was a mini in the days of hippie long skirts. I was a black opaque tight girl from birth. Oh I love these dresses.
I pretended that I bought all of them and packed them in my LV Speedy and raced out the door to catch a flight to somewhere fabulous. Then I made coffee and played Thomas the Tank Engine until I wanted to bash my head against the smooth wooden track.

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