And I said if the answer is no/Can I change your mind

How to have a dollhouse with rowdy boys:

When my friend Dawn gave me this amazing dollhouse I was in heaven.
And I tried very hard to get my boys to play doll house with me.
We took action figures, playmobiles, and small spidermen and tried to play house.
I explained that we would play house and tuck the babies in
and cook a meal and decorate the home.

It has never really worked.
They seem to use it as a jumping off point or fortress for aforementioned plastic figures.
They won't play house with me.
They both have a doll and are very loving, but really want to bash things together instead of decorate tiny kitchens.

So- we made a cool bookcase.
We decided to compromise.
I think it looks lovely and is practical.
I still have my dollhouse.

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