where somebody shines the light/I'll be coming on home tonight

Joe has been doing so much. He is pushing up against the verge of too much. We both are really, but he is truly tired lately from his own business and the wood company. I get all guilty about taking a spare few moments for me and then feel like a miserable partner.

I wish we both had a day off from real life to relax. I wish we could run away together from all the grown up realities for just 24 hours. I wish we could be in a darkish old pub in England or the sandy beaches of the Greek Isles or the Westin downtown.
I wish I had a new sheer nightthing and a bottle of Veuve clicquot.
But, I don't. I have a few precious hours in the evening and a heart that beats fast when I look at this man who does it all.
Finn believes his dad has powers and I tell him he does. He really does.

I am trying to think of small things I can do to show him my appreciation.(and remind him that although I may not be very good at showing it that I am the bomb!) I tried to treat him this weekend.
I made him Guinness Stew and it worked. He fell right into that relaxed face and was putty in my hands. This is some good stew folks. I think it may have healing properties. One thing in particular that I like is that it calls for two cups of Guinness and when you purchase a large bottle at the market it leaves plenty to drink while you cook.

I heart the Irish Pub Cookbook by Margaret M. Johnson

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