All my life you're haunting me/I loved you so

Bacon Candy!

Yeah, that's right. Bacon candy!
I mean come on!

Did a tiny bit of drool just mix with repulsion in yr mouth?
Finn and I have been working on recipes from
Kids Cook 1-2-3 by Rozanne Gold
and he has been dying to make bacon candy!

From what I gather this may be a Southern thing, but this Yankee loves it.
I think it would be great with eggs and pancakes or even some meat and beans.
It made the house smell like a Yankee frickin candle and as I type this
I am overcome by the sensations of Autumn and leaves and scarecrows and such.
The spice blend rocks.

You need bacon, confectioner's sugar, and a five spice blend ( clove, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, and coriander)
sprinkle it on bacon- roast about 15 mins/drain fat/roast till crisp.
Eat and feel a bit sick but deliriously happy.

I cannot believe I ate this after going with My friend Michelle to this last night
where I consumed well over 5,000 calories in an hour and a half.
I was so moved last night by the March of Dimes.
I will do the walk next year. I swear.

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