Cause yr hot then yr cold/ yr yes then yr no

I found my nose ring.
The ring was in Finnian's bed from one of the many nights I have slept in there this past week. Blaise is in our bed and I cannot sleep with him and Joe very well as Blaise kicks me and hits me and at least once a night punches me in the face.
I find it easy to sleep with Finn though. He wraps his little self around me and holds my face. It is lovely. I love it because we have not been getting along so well lately. He has really been a pill. But, when he sleeps he is perfect. It helps some.

I sent him to Grandma's last night bc I was seriously at my wits end with him and after my bath I went into his quiet room and sat on his bed and missed him. I put my head on his pillow and rested in my towel. I felt something jabbing me. It was my nose ring. I am really am his princess after all. He tells me that you see. How can he be so sweet and so wretched in the same day? Will this last a long time?

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