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Friday is here and Simple Lovely and I have had so much fun with the lists! I hope I have everyone on here- I checked technorati and my comments for lists. If I am missing anyone please email me and I will add yr link promptly! If you want to send one in before the end of the weekend too you can! I am waiting still from some of my pretties who said they might- so come on if ya want! xo

These fabulous lists need to be checked out today:

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I loved yr lists. I loved this little project.
Now everyone please print out those lists and hang them where you can see them each day!
Thanks so much!
Kiss Kiss.

How could I forget you? I thought I had you on there! xo

The lovely Joslyn and Amy have created simple, inspiring, and totally doable birthday lists -- of a different sort. And I'm playing along. Here's my list of 36 things to do before I turn 37:

1. Hang framed family photos up in our hallway, gallery style.2. Go to Nantucket. 3. Don't skimp on sleep.4. Use that gift certificate we've been hanging onto for dinner in York Harbor, Maine.5. Gather up anything that I don't absolutely love in our house and in my closet and give it to Goodwill.6. Uncover the fireplace behind the wall in our living room.7. Visit Alana and Min (and my Godson!) in New York City.8. ...and, on the way down, stop in Danbury, Connecticut to visit family.9. Finally create a little desk space for myself.10. Take a photography class.11. Stop worrying.12. See a movie at our little local theater.13. Invite the new neighbors over for cocktails.14. Open an Etsy shop. A tiny one.15. Try knitting again.16. Go to Ikea at least twice: once this fall, and again in the spring. (This may seem like an odd goal. But it's over an hour each way. And sitting in the car and I do not get along.)17. Subscribe to domino magazine (instead of buying it every month).18. Learn how to turn on the DVD player. By myself. Without asking Rob for help.19. Go apple picking.20. Slow down when writing anything by hand; no more messy scrawl. (Where did my nice handwriting go, anyway?)21. Organize our digital photos.22. Keep a detailed calendar. No more ditzing out about birthdays.23. Accept that doing it myself doesn't look as good (or, last as long) and treat myself to a pedicure. 24. Cut down my Splenda use. Switch to a more natural alternative. 25. Stop procrastinating.26. Buy some exotic, coarse sea salt and figure out how to use it in our cooking.27. Get all of the fabulous prints I've collected framed and up on our walls.28. Read a book (fiction or non) that leaves me buzzing with inspiration and happiness.29. Scan old magazine clippings onto my computer.30. Stick to our budget at Christmas.31. On the first cold day of the season, enjoy a (sinful and amazing) Belgian hot chocolate at Pralines.32. Think twice before buying anything. 33. Get a library card -- and use it.34. Throw Rob a birthday party.35. Make this chocolate chip cake.36. ...This one's a secret. For now. :)

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