Fill yr mind up with all it can know

As promised, Jos and I are going to award a little prize to one of the lists submitted last week…Not without first saying that this wasn’t so much a contest. Every single list that we had the pleasure of reading deserves a prize as they were all creative, inspiring, interesting, unique… Every. Single. One.
But we both immediately connected with #33 on Alexis’ list, as we too are striving to “Embrace our inner hippie.” Brilliant…
So to help Alexis with her goal of hippie liberation, we’re sending her a copy of Tom Hodgkinson’s, The Freedom Manifesto + a copy of Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food to assist with #12 (“Don’t eat fake food”) We’re nothing if not helpful, no?

In the coming days and weeks, Jos and I will share progress on our lists and we hope you guys will all do the same. It’ll be like this big collective force of women committed to accomplishing meaningful little things with they’re very own virtual cheering section rooting them on.

Check out Isabel's list over at Alpha Mom!

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