I can't tell one from another/Did I find you or you find me?

I have been holding in some exciting news for a bit now.
You know how you just don't want to say anything until it is true!!!!????

Well, today the family dropped off the first order
to Whole Foods of Little Alouette goods!

Yes, we are going to be in select stores in the Mid-Atlantic region of Whole Foods! Yahoo! Whole Foods has been so amazing to work with and I adore Sally from my local store so much as she has helped me learn the ins and outs of being a vendor for a large corporation.

I had to learn a lot and get a lot of my ducks in a row as they say, but it is so worth it! Thanks to Ryan over at Brilliant for all the paperwork help! God you saved us!(and to Angie C. for urging me to do this and Dawn for pointing me towards Ryan!)

And I will let you know a list of all the stores that you can find teethers and toys soon. We are still busy as bees in the workshop trying to fill holiday orders.
I started a small blog for the shop so I can kinda keep this space my own, but I had to share with you guys as you saw us start with a simple square block on Etsy. Ah! My heart skips.

You can find out info here: www.littlealouette.blogspot.com and at the shop.

Finn was so proud today when we took in some of the toys that he had helped with over the weekend! He was beaming. I am too today. And God- how much do I love Joe? He is working two jobs now really...He is amazing.
Thanks for letting me share today. I could almost burst.
Kiss Kiss.

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