Fill my heart with song

Today I checked my bank account and instead of flinching I levitated off my wooden chair in blissful fancy. My payment for writing for a national magazine had been deposited. I almost died, my heart surely stopped for a millisecond. My article won't hit until next year, but still it is real. I am so happy today. I will make good on a promise to a young son. Finn asked for a rather expensive LED flashlight with laser pointer. Rather he asks for it every time we go to the hardware store (which is a lot in this family) and back when it was still hot outside I told him that if I got an article published and some money in my pocket soon I would buy it for him as a reminder to keep positive and keep persistent. Well, today we are walking down to the hardware store. Nope- we are skipping!

lovely art by fastercat6860 on etsy

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