Let her talk about the things you can't explain

Back in college I met a guy in a bar- it was the Cat's Eye Saloon in Athens, Ohio. This bar was one of the bars that my friends and I would go for two specific reasons. The first being that a very jovial man we loved owned it and secondly because it was the perfect kind of battered place to really tie one on. The wooden floors were worn down to nearly the sub floor and looked exotic from afar with all the dimension in color. But really it was black and brown cigarette burn marks everywhere. The bathrooms were tiny and dirty and it was cold in there. But, they had a long long bar and we would often drink for free.

Anyways, this one night I met this guy Edy who was in town for a bike race. He was a professional cyclist. (yeah, like Armstrong and all.) He liked Nick Cave and we drank beers and of course I flirted with him even though I outweighed him by at least 50 pounds. He was adorable and small and smart and I think I was in a sad place that summer. Someone had broken my heart and I had no idea what I was going to be when I grew up and whenever I was disenchanted with life I would rally the troops and stay out entirely too late and charm people. I have this small super power inside of me called sexy charm. I am not beautiful- at least in the conventional sense and I have never been a hot body, but I know I have that spark. I cultivated it and grew it to large proportions in college.

Of course I made him come to the after hours party with me and we did stay up all night and talk and make out and talk some more. I blew smoke circles all over his perfectly conditioned and pristine body. I think he took vitamins before he fell asleep. I drank vodka and passed out.
I liked him even though he was so different from me. In the morning we walked down to the health Food Store and he bought me Emergen-C packets and told me to start taking them. He was sweetly concerned.
Anyways. Every year when I buy those packets I kinda think of him.
I am drinking one right now bc I am slightly sick. I try and visualize the vitamin C dancing all over the inside of my body with swords. I know. I am weird. I am weirdest though in the sense that I never ever forget anyone in my mind. I can't recall what I ate yesterday and I don't know much about 1994, but I can recall and suspend people in my mind and spin them like tops. Is this a good thing?

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