On that midnight street /Sweep me off my feet

NYC: Street Dancing 2, originally uploaded by Professor Bop.

I am so excited for my dancing class tonight.

It is my birthday and I woke up with little voices singing and buttered toast and coffee all over my bed and a feeling of it is good here. I am a queen right here on this bed. My little princes and my king they come to me and tradition is good. It is grounding and it is affirming if you let it.

I never finished my list properly. I will work on my 36 list this holiday weekend and tend to it this year and let it really grow something special.
I promise that to myself.

Isn't it maddening to know there is so much life to be lived out there and we only get so much time to do it? I want to dance in the streets this year and talk more deeply and listen way harder and frolic. Yeah, I wanna frickin frolic.

Kiss Kiss