Have to hold your head/Higher than yr heart

It is the day to stuff the turkey and other such assorted foods.
I hope we all have fun and drinks are not even necessary to deal with loved ones.
I have a small request for those who might read blogs today.
On this happy day one of my friends is sad. She has just found out her father is ill.
His name is Kate's dad and if you believe in any thing say a prayer today to the universe that her new baby and 4 year old son will get some more time with their grandpa. Thanks.
I am not particularly religious in an organized way and I sure as hell am not starting prayer chains on my blog, but I think God listens and I fancy that he likes my blog except when I drop the F bomb, so please...

Kate's dad- better.
Happy Thanksgiving.
Kiss Kiss

art from the amazing and gorgeous TheBlackApple

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