Kinda love you got/Knock me off my feet

I can never keep all the presents hidden away. I am notorious for asking Joe if he would like to guess a pressie or asking him if I could give him something early.
I got Blaise a sweet baby sterling bracelet from the sweet Bronwen and it came today...

My reasoning for placing it round his sweet pudge 24 days early is that he keeps growing. Right? It might not fit if I wait. Well, I really just couldn't wait. It was so tiny and adorable and I knew he would like it. He loves special trinkets this one. He finds affinity with the small or odd. He wants to sleep with the honey bear honey dispenser and he loves my necklaces.

One day this small moon of silver will easily look like a doll's bracelet when he finds it in the small wooden box I have for saving them things. Someday he will palm it in his big man hand and think hard and not even be able to remember this cold blustery day.
I hope to God I can always.

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