i've kissed mermaids/rode the el nino

God I love Kim Deal.
The Pixies were playing on the radio today and it was nearly perfect despite the bitter cold outside and all I could think about aside from my love for Kim Deal was how watching this old video makes me long to rush out and buy five or six of the Gap's favorite t-shirts in black and develop a sort of uniform for 2009. I grew up in these t-shirts and I have decided they are to be born again in 2009 for me.
I have looked lately like a preschooler allowed to dress herself for the first time as I walk the streets with my children.
I am at any moment expecting a fashion ambush from Stacey and Clinton or some sort of planned intervention from my stylish friends at a pub one night. I need a daily uniform. Life is too hard otherwise. I am think black t-shirts and jeans with bright red lipstick. That is what I am thinking. Watch out 2009 I am gonna get my good looking on again.

My God her waist is small.

photos rolling stone and gap

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