Live your life filled with joy and thunder

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I may be feeling a bit out of sorts today. I always feel like this when I go home to my old stomping ground. That small town. I am headed there tonight to meet up with some old friends and I am excited-but nervous.
I always forget that I am so different of a person than I was those many many years ago but then in the same second I know I may be exactly the same and it kinda freaks me out.

I will most likely revert to type and become the jester and the drinker and the one that keeps the party at a frenzied state. I will most likely have a ton of fun after I shake off the initial oddness of being thrust back into the same small town that I could not wait to blaze right out of back in 1992. I will have a good night, but my hope is that I will really be able to talk to some of these folks and connect and find whatever it is that holds you sorta together even after a million years.
That same small town in each of us kinda thing.
And I won't be elitist and I won't judge and I hope the same from all I encounter.
I just hope they have better beers on tap than last time I was there.