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I want to introduce Ella from The Red Caboose. I found her on flickr long ago and fell in love with her sewing skills (like her matryoshka dolls OMG) She has a gorgeous wee one and lives a super creative and authentic life. I love her blog so much and I am so happy to have connected with this wonderful woman over the blogosphere. She inspires me with her photographs, Waldorf teachings, and the lovely calmness I find at her blog.
You will love Ella! xo

how to choose just 3 things that inspire...i think it goes without saying that Little A is my greatest inspiration so then 3 more... without hesitation i am deeply inspired by nature's light, fog, hailstorms of chestnuts, Autumn in all it's fiery splendor, cloud dances, the still of cold, crunch of snow, spring buds and the crescendo feeling of freedom leading to summer, it's berry bounty and Okanagan adventures... and so on in circles with the seasons. We bring nature into our home, not only to the nature table but into many corners where it's beauty may inspire our play, projects and activities. (like here at Little Red Caboose) in continuation with life cycles, there is no high higher than that of birth. i am an advocate of natural childbirth. Attending others births is inspiring and puts life right back into perspective for me. (like here at Little Red Caboose)

maybe that was 2 but i'm taking another because it would be silly not to mention that the very fibers stored upon my shelves are of great inspiration to me. i can procrastinate laundry and putting together a meal but should a parcel of fabrics arrive at my doorstep you will see a very efficient,organized and very happy me. Thirdly, though not final beyond this post, i find the medium of blogging greatly inspiring. i stumbled upon Hillary Lang's Wee Wonderful site some years ago after doing a random google search for alternative toys in a desperate attempt to find something that didn't flash or make noise or depict a tv character and there were her dolls all funked out in stylish Japanese fabrics. i've always been a collector of fabrics (amongst many other collections of things) and so this is what i first noticed about her site. i promptly ordered her doll patterns and stitchettes which i love still. Hers was the door that opened to many others with her lengthy list of inspiring other bloggers. Fiona of Hop Skip Jump rocked my world with her cheeky monkeys and long legged bunnies, Rosa Pomar amazes me as does Abby of While She Naps. By way of flickr and
blogs, i discovered and fell in love with superbuzzy...delving deeper into my fabric obsession was inevitable. Further than the eye candy offered up on all these blogs, i began to really read some of them and while i can't keep up for lack of hours in the day there are many i love to return to, many of them for like minded mothering inspiration; Amanda Soule, Uncommon Grace, Kate at Birdnest, Krista of Big and Little, more recently Jodi of Che and Fidel, Emma many i feel bad not to mention them all but let me not forget my favorite crafty mama bloggers, the locals who i get to see and know in real life; Jane of Little Seedlings, Anna of One of a Handful and Shael of Little Bird Designs and there's more... i just haven't met them yet.

Thank you so much for sharing Ella! kiss kiss

photo credits - first shot Leanne Pedersen. second shot Sabrina.

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