and I purposely won't turn the heating on

All day I have been pretending to be Kate Nash. Finn and I are talking British and I have styled my hair just so and am wearing a frock on a Saturday with my new shoes round the house.
I screwed up a bit with my list and forgot to have the "a whole day without saying NO to my children" day. I have decided that it is quite impossible to do this so instead of no in my normal wretched way I am doing it in a sweet perky British way.

No Darling. No Sweetie.

If Joe wasn't making toys outside in the SNOW (god love him)
he would think us all mad!
But he does think that my British accent is pretty darn good.
I have tricked his family numerous times on the phone.

But anyhoo, how much do you love Kate Nash? I lerv her.

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