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Ice Luminaries are so fun to make in the winter.

Kids love them and they are a great way to use junky old decor you have around the house. We made our holiday ones with leftover tree trimming and other assorted junky holiday bits and bobs that grandma probably bought at Target simply because of the color motif and 19 cent price tag. Reuse. Recycle. Right?

So all you do is find a large bucket or container and fill it mostly up with water
then- find a plastic bowl or the bottom of a milk jug or something and place in the water. You have to weight the smaller bowl down. I used a few coffee mugs and some duct tape. Then you simply cram the sides of the larger container with anything you want frozen inside of yr luminaries.

I like glitter too. It makes for a major wooo factor.

Just let them freeze over night and then use some hot water to pop both pieces free.
(If you live in some warm place- well screw you and use a freezer)
Add some simple tea lights and line yr sidewalk for a party or make a circle of light for yr kid to dance inside of and sing with glee...
Summer isn't the only time to have fun.
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