That grow sweeter each season/As we slowly grow old

As I slowly clean out my basement I find photographs everywhere and I sit today on rubbermaid totes and have a good look back. I am heavy in my thinking.

Thinking that I cannot wait to go to away this weekend and revel in old times-
old times that included this amazing hat
where did I put you little hat
of bliss?Thinking of asking my mom if she saved this cute dress.

Thinking of the day that cow would not move out of my way in Athens, Ohio. I just go out and hung with him for a bit.Thinking that I miss the island where I once lived and am writing about now in my novel. I am thinking that the photographs of this time in my life represent freedom.

Thinking that my husband misses his delightful father much and his sadness is creeping out little by little and he must soon board a plane back to UK to see him as we all need our daddies.

Thinking that I have the most adorable husband ever and how this day a long time ago in Paros, Greece we sat in the sun all day and drank and talked about our future at a little taverna and how so many things we talked about that day have come true.

Thinking that it could never have been just you little Finn. It seems like a far away place.
Don't you just love to get lost in a box of photographs?
It is a part of the human condition
the need for reflection
the need to go back
sometimes to be able to go forward