And we rely on each other, ah-ah

I am without the time I need today. I wanted to write you all a love poem. I wanted to be able to express my feelings about what I am discovering about this massive online blogging community. I wanted to say things in a very eloquent and precise way. Instead I started writing down yr names and sites on paper and thanking you in my mind. Thanks for the daily inspiration, the connections, the certainty. Just like always, I don't fit into any small neat package. In the blog world I tend to dip in and out of many circles. I am not a cerebral hip blogger, not a crafty mama, not a political one, not a green girl, not a design maven, not a poet, not a soapbox...doobleh-vay doesn't really know what she is, but she is better because of all of you. It is my pleasure to filter yr words through my days. I can remember the day I first read Dooce a few years back and thought she was so cool and so brave. I feel that way every time I read and discover all of you now. What a world we have here. So many people who are finding their small rooms to thrive.

Woolf said something like this:

Odd how the creative power at once brings the whole universe to order
Happy Valentines Day all xo