And honey you should know/That I could never go on without you

Joe is back to work today and Finn got the hell out and chose an antique swap meet with mama and papa over staying here in the house of illness. I explained to him that there would be rows and rows of junky old things, much walking, and nary a toy in sight. It is not like Target I say. He continued to pack his pink SpongeBob backpack.
Blaise seems pretty cool with everything. He wants to be held and I am trying to keep as much distance from him as I can. How hard is that? His extra car seat has given him much pleasure today as I set it in the living room and he used it as a climbing frame. In and out and I just cuddle on the couch and shout out encouraging phrases. I throw him the remote control sometimes and he freaks out with delight. I let him rip up a Dwell magazine for fun times and we both have crap on our shirts. I have the box of cheerios beside my nest and it is all working out better than I could have thought yesterday in my 102.9 fever delirium. He amazes me today. I asked him to bring me a book and the little fat man brought me one. He might only say da da incessantly, but he brought me a book today.