Between the click of the light and the start of the dream

I saw a new doc today
boy am I sick
bacterial infection and ear and sinus and a myriad of shit
At least I know and have druggage now
I mean I understand it must take restraint to not just write down amoxicillin
but heavens above
(so I am done harping about the winter of my discontent)
I wanna talk about my Moo cards that came. I got ten free from flickr and I just love them
when I get some mad money I will buy 100 and I will hand them out this summer with reckless abandon while wearing sundresses and eating gelato
I found out I have been invited to audition to read poems at the Columbus Arts festival
I am excited
The last time I auditioned for anything
was probably the early 90's and involved a bar stool at Tony's tavern
The snow is here
large wet flakes
they are covering up the ugly of this week