And see the bird with a leaf in her mouth/After the flood all the colors came out

Playdate with my old college friend who moved nearby
love when yr past comes back to play
we are slowly working on small cottage industry
that will unleash this spring
small small
but so exciting

Is it wrong to count down the days till you go away
from yr family?
I am so excited to board a plane this time next week
and fly away to Nebraska
to marry my friends
I have been working on
looking very official and Reverend like
in the mirror

and dearest kelly
you toe crosser you
who tagged me with odd things about myself:

I do not like to share any milk based product with anyone...children or spouse
I have an irrational fear of encountering a tiger or a lion in daily life
I used to dress as a giant chicken and gorilla and deliver balloons and singing telegrams
I learned to drive on a tractor
I love the smell of mechanic shops
I grew up with parents who collected coca cola memorabilia in a massive way
I won't tag anyone today because I am off to search for treasure xoxoxoxoxoxo