Soften a bit until we all just get along

Parenting refresher #3...Last time I wrote about feelings.

This one I am actually doing pretty well. Being the power tripper that I am, I think I am learning to give Finn choices (that I approve of) and he feels empowered. I mean think about how little control these wee ones have in daily life... No wonder he freaks out in glee when he can choose his own skivvies in the morning!
These small peeps are walking around in a scripted, dictated world and any chance we can extend the decision making or reasoning stick- the better! I try and map out the day during the week so that we float along on a schedule- but Finn can veer from it if he is inclined by creativity. I try and allow him to mess up my perfect plans and remember that he needs choices and he is allowed to not always like my ideas. I can recall so easily how lesson plans fell apart for me sometimes and I had to be ready to sprint in another direction. My ability to be spontaneous was one of my best attributes in education. Choices. Change. Flow. I have started to think like this again.
Would you like to sort yr G.G. grandpa's magic buttons or paint with watercolors?

Only he didn't want to sort them. He wanted to make a wish on each one, carry around a bunch in his pocket, and tell them stories. You go Finn. I would have never come up with such an imaginative plan for the magic buttons. I would have only been working with quantification and sorting...but you broke the day open wide and found a whole button universe to reside inside... I'm so glad I listen to you.