Like a record baby/Right round round round

I found this Delicious site on today! It is so much fun to come up with beautiful inspiration boards. I love being able to create an outfit and plan a little adventure in my head. As the boys sleep, I am daydreaming of this particular outfit. I am imagining myself wearing it on the day we close on our other house. I am visualizing signatures and papers and stress floating right out the room. I see the people look at me in my garb and think..."She is so chic." "How does she do it with two little ones?" I see Joe and I walk down the cobblestone street holding hands and laughing. I watch as we duck into a tiny bistro for a late lunch and martinis. My hair is shiny and I have no food on my clothing.
Back to reality...How can a house swallow pacifiers? I started with at least 6 this year and I am desperate to find them. I even looked in the crack between Finn's bed and the wall. He has been known to hoard contraband. It just makes me crazy. Have a lovely day. xo