And the load/it doesn’t weigh me down at all

Blaise had to get his vaccines today and it as usual sucked. We tried to temper the day with a trip to our pal's coffee shop and indulge in chocolates, but it still went south. I cannot bear to hear my child scream out. He is knocked out in an acetaminophen haze now and is perfectly fine, but I always get a terrible sadness when he cries like that. Finn laughed wickedly in delight at the fact he did not have to get shots. He did however take to playing with his brother a lot today. This has been happening right under my nose as of late and I am so thrilled. It has taken a very long time for Finn to buy into Blaise. He has not always been so thrilled to play with him. I was worried for a bit that they would never interact properly, but they have begun. They run with each other and tumble and laugh. Blaise cannot keep his eyes off of Finn. Finn is a Deity to him. Blaise is smitten and I think it is safe to say on this rainy sorta funky day in March that Finn kinda digs him too.

In a back corner of my brain is lurking this lovely photo. I really want many things. And one real big thing is to have an outside area to entertain. I want it to be whimsical and inviting and charming. I want to wear turquoise caftans and twirl my arms above my head and dance. I want to play with my friends again. I want lights like this photo. How do I make this happen?
photo found on one of my fave blogs Oh Happy Day