Take this sinking boat and point it home/We've still got time

We are off to the doctor after naps. Finn says his ears hurt like tiny needles on the inside and Blaise had a fever all night. Oh Bliss/Oh Co-pay.
Before lunch we made a feeling/emotion wheel so that we could show each other how we are feeling. Finn choose the emotions. They are nervous, happy, loving, angry, peaceful, and junky. Junky is my favorite. I feel junky today. I am in the same clothing that I had on yesterday evening. I like the wheel. It would be nice if we had a wheel attached to our faces. It would be great to just adjust an attitude by a simple turning motion near the ear and jaw bone. Even if it couldn't change yr mood, it could announce to the world the real way yr feeling. Yeah, junky is what my wheel would say. I am in a bad mood partly bc I can't keep a pair of kitchen scissors to save my life. I buy them and make silent promises to myself that they will never cut anything but food. That they will never touch plastic or paper or hair. Yet I always fail. There is always a moment, a weakness. I am going to buy a new pair again soon and the wheel might as well be turned to angry now.
BTW...I am so smitten with Small Magazine.
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