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Story Pockets:
An easy and fun early literacy project
Finn likes to paint and then tell me a story about his paintings, so we started doing story pockets. The idea is to let the child dictate a story about their art and explore matching concepts.

1. Child creates a piece of art on paper.
2. Fold paper up two inches and staple- creating a pocket.
3. Transcribe the story for yr child on paper. (I loved this as a child- thanks gran)
4. Write down a sentence that the child tells you from the story on the pocket and talk about the letters and words as you write.
5. Write one word from sentence on each index card or scrap paper.
6. Encourage child to try and match the words and nestle into the pocket.
7. Have fun and display them!
Finn thinks these are fantastic and calls them games.
I did these at school with Kindergartners, but I think they are very appropriate for early learners.

In other news-me and my pal Carrie hit up my new local wine shop last night and went nuts for the Enoline wine machine. It is a very cool way to taste wine and learn about new wines without buying a whole bottle. The store was super cool and we left with knowledge and smiles! You load a card with cash and operate the machine yrself. We loved it. The tricky part is not drinking too is kinda like those college drinking games like pyramid...We really didn't drink so much wine, but we drank the wine pours in a relatively short time... ounce here/ ounce there/woo woo. Did I mention it is in walking distance from my house? I will be back .