Give me spots on my apples/But leave me the birds and the bees

Me and Finn are crazy for gardening this year!!!
We had tomato plant beds last year and we made a vow that when we moved we would plant a garden! We spent the morning at our local hardware store (so so lucky to have a little indie store in walking distance) getting to know Mr. Kelly and learning all about seeds and frosts and plants and agriculture. We also got an impromptu history lesson on our town and some lollipops. It was kick ass.
When I go to Lowe's or Home Depot I have to chase down an apron wearing employee and pray they will give me a few moments and some knowledge and point me in the proper direction. I think Mr. Kelly would have invited us for lunch! It reaffirms the fact that I am so glad we moved to this smaller place. (this slower pace) I am so glad we bought the house that nobody wanted bc of all the work. I am so happy that we can walk everywhere and that our town is like a village.
After nap today we are going to start some seeds and work on our herb garden.
I like the simple ideas of naturemoms and this article and download from Wondertime.

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