Payin anything to roll the dice/Just one more time

Starbucks in the morning with Jess. Tripping giggles all morning long. We have been friends since 1992/so much between us. She just moved back from Portland, Maine to settle near me. Me! Lucky me! We sat around and made our business cards today for our little project we are unleashing to the world this summer. It was a morning of delight and yet when creativity starts buzzing along so fast and furious, it can be hard to not shake with the energy. I think the large coffee had a wee part too. We talked about Hillary and history and feminism and I walked out into the snowy glaring white day renewed and frenzied to create.

My dear Kate met HC last night. She talked about the way she felt in this historical time as she carries a baby girl in her belly. I am sure she will blog about it today.