Oh, you're changing your heart/Oh, you know who you are

Jackson Pollock on a Chilly Thursday Morning:

Kids are drawn to a mess and hanging some paper or fabric in a tree and providing paint will work out just fine. He did not use paintbrushes but found yard objects like sticks and toys to create this masterpiece. Finn was vibrant with excitement and this is one of the major successes of the week in terms of art. I don't post all the art we try. Try is the word to linger one here. I sometimes find that I rush him and try and expose the world to him before dinner. Sometimes he does not like the lesson or art project I want him to like. He threw down an embroidery hoop last night with disgust. Not his thing. He also informed me that he does not like to paint with cars, he likes to make them go go.
However, JP splatter painting was a massive success and the neighbor man stood on his porch and smoked a cig and watched Finn do the art. He is the neighbor we really don't know much about yet. I think he thinks we are the Boho's of the neighborhood and he really hasn't interacted with us- but I swear I saw sparkles in his eyes at watching Finn. The backyard had a glow all over it that only comes from creative flickering. Here is a book for lesson expansion.